Battery monitoring System
battery monitoring system
  Powershield BMS From New Zealand
PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring System The PowerShield Sentinel battery monitoring system provides permanent and continuous monitoring for stand-by battery installations. Applications range from small telecommunications and power distribution installations to large UPS systems.
The Sentinel System:
- provides visibility to individual string and individual monoblock level - offers automated alarm management
- lets you view both real-time and historic battery data.
It measures:
Individual monoblock voltage, impedance and temperature, string voltage and current, ambient temperature. These are all measured against user-defined limits, in all battery states (float, idle, charge and discharge).

battery monitoring system
  Cell Track BMS From Singapore
CELLTRAK is an innovative battery monitoring system for large scale technology installations where power and system availability are critical to successful business operations. It is a powerful tool for mitigating and preventing costly downtime due to unexpected system failure.
Daily power glitches and outright power failures are a fact of life and the key consideration that drives your investment in mission critical UPS power conditioning & backup systems.
As the world continues to move into extreme advancement in technology where there is a heavy reliability on computers for the most minute tasks and many of our daily operations rely on stronger networks, greater bandwidth and most important of all – Reliable Power. You can be sure your batteries will work to support vital applications, systems and networks during the many everyday power disturbances and outright power failures that each business is almost certain to experience.

  Key Benefits
- Protect your business from losses
  Avoid costly downtime, data loss or contractual payouts from
  power loss due to unexpected battery failures.
- Maximise battery life
  Batteries are replaced at the correct time. Early replacement is
  more costly to the user; late replacement increases the risk of loss
  of power during an outage.
- Enhance safety
  By reducing the need for physical contact with the battery bank and
  increasing visibility prior to potentially catastrophic failures.
- Provide 24/7 alarm notification
  Allowing you or your service teams to react in a timely manner.
  Take a step forward from Disaster Recovery to disaster
- Receive accurate information
  Automatic measurement and recording of key battery parameters,
  eliminating potential for human error and providing a consistent
  measurement method.
- Reduce maintenance & replacement costs
  Early identification of faults allows preventative maintenance to be
- Save time and improve efficiency
  By providing remote access to battery bank data & pinpointing
  failures to specific batteries.
- Enhance security
  Limit access to sensitive areas for external service providers.